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Art Ministry


The Woods Art Ministry was created out of the conviction that the arts have an important role to play in the life of the church. Throughout history, the arts have been one of the significant ways that people express and understand religion. The Art Ministry is responsible for scheduling art exhibits in the Woods Gallery, and, from time to time, programs and resources are offered that are related to the visual arts. These programs have included lectures, workshops, and field trips, as well as visual arts for use in worship. The Art Ministry was designed to acknowledge, inspire, and encourage the creativity that is inherent in all humankind as a gift from God. As we reach out to artists in our region we have discovered a richness of talent and significant accomplishment whether the artist pursues art as a part-time avocation or as a professional.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Art Committee

Art Committee

Meetings, hanging dates, and devotions are scheduled on the Tuesdays of the removal and hanging dates on the schedule.

Exhibit Your Art

Art Committee

Open, themed exhibits are scheduled for anyone who wishes to display their work.

Contribute to the Endowment

Art Committee

The endowment is used for operating expenses and to purchase art for the Woods permanent collection.



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