A community that follows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior


A place of worship and praise, of learning and challenge; where young and old are nurtured and treasured; to practice being a servant to our neighbors near and far; to find truth; to ponder mystery... to find GOD.

We are an open, welcoming, and inclusive community.

Our Team


Woods Church has an amazing team of Pastors and Staff

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Meet Our Team

Our Campus

Woods Church campus is brimming with life, points of interest, and environmental initiatives.

Our campus is home to the Woods Child Development Center and the Woods Counseling & Care Center, which are open to all in the community, and it is also full of tucked-away treasures like quaint gardens and meditative walks.

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Our Beliefs

Presbyterians believe in the Trinity - the sovereignty of God the Creator, Jesus Christ, God's incarnation, and in the Holy Spirit, God's presence in the world and in the believer.

We believe in the forgiveness of sin, the life everlasting and the inspired word of God in the Bible.

Presbyterians recognize two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.